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Property Personal Shopper

We don’t only want a dream home. We also want to enjoy the journey. With our Property Personal Shopper service, you’ll feel enthusiasm at every stage of the process. We’ll be with you from the very first meeting—where the guidelines on the what, the how and the where are set out— all the way through, till we have the interior design project or a purchase has been made.

3D Design

We know that it is important to our clients and collaborators to imagine or visualise the completed version of what in principle may only be an abstract idea. Nevertheless, we want each step taken to be firm and to be with the conviction required when making large economic and emotional investments. Therefore, we draw on our know-how and analyse the possibilities that the space offers us. But that’s not all. We go a step further and provide you with a 3D design so that you can see the true potential of your future residence or your business project.

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