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Transform a space, watch it come alive

Our commitment arises from your trust.

We are mindful that the environment influences human emotions. And that’s why we like to channel all of our senses into each building block.

projects from
start to finish

We build houses to create homes, and we construct commercial projects to make dreams come true. And because we know that enthusiasm is the driving force, we join together our dream with yours to make your wishes a reality. From the design to the finishing touch.

Technicians, architects and interior designers. We shape, structure and perfectly execute your ideas so that you only have to enjoy them.

How can we help you

We provide a wide range of services to meet all your possible needs when building your home or commercial space.

Creation of Floor Plans

We design floor plans and suggest different layouts to find the winning formula for your needs and requirements.

Better in 3D

We work with virtual simulation that allows each space to be visualised, leading to better results and satisfaction with each project.

Accompanying you with your project

We help and guide you in your purchase decisions, then we create your tailor-made project.


Our team is here to take care of everything and inform you at each stage of the project. You’ll only see the outcome.


Anything you need to decorate your space, you can leave it up to us. We offer practical solutions and new trends.

Do you want to know how much it costs
to turn your dream into reality?

A team with a long professional record, united by the pleasure we get from a job well done.

Estatiba is comprised of architects, technical architects, interior designers, construction managers, teams of masons, carpenters, and a management, control and administration team.

Together we form a perfect team to guarantee that each project is impeccably carried out with a personalised touch. For this purpose, we also have advanced drawing and measurement technologies to ensure maximum reliability. Project precision and accurate estimates are premises of our work.

A decade of work, together with over a hundred new construction and restoration projects, support our long experience and the many successes that make us proud.

Rafa Llopis

CEO & Founder

Carlos Ramírez

Technical architect

Mº Carmen Vicente

Interior design

Isabel López

Technical architect

Cristina Domenech


Andrea Olaru


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