On many occasions, our bodies ask us to take a break, a rest. The stress of our daily lives, routines and obligations overwhelm us.

Lots of people play sports, go for walks outdoors, or practise yoga. However, there are those who rather turn to “decorating therapy” to release their creativity and free their minds. It’s very simple. It can range from changing a set of bedsheets to completely changing the layout of the house.

Decorar nuestro hogar puede ser una tarea verdaderamente Decorating our home can be a truly therapeutic activity since, besides being a form of self-expression, it allows us to create a haven where we feel in tune with ourselves.

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We can carry out this therapy in many ways, whether by getting rid of unnecessary stuff, decorating our bedroom according to the Chinese Feng Shui philosophy, repainting the walls, putting up new artwork and photos, or letting a bit of nature into our homes.

The use of natural materials, such as wood, stone, wool or leather, helps to create a more authentic environment and a modest atmosphere. Deeper colours like dark grey, shades of green and blue, earth tones and subdued pastels, tend to combine nicely with each other to evoke a welcoming feeling.

An equally important factor has to do with the lighting used in our dream home. Natural light complemented with warm lighting make spaces feel bigger, and are the key to attaining that feeling of freedom. Indirect lighting, along with candles located in strategic areas, can successfully create a relaxed environment and provide us with a sense of total disconnection when we get home.

The idea is to let this therapy become a relaxing lifestyle. We can use interior design and decorating to turn our homes into a place for us to recharge our batteries.

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