How about reflecting your culture and background in your home’s design? Decorate your home following this season’s Mediterranean style.

But first, we have to get familiar with its origin. Mediterranean style pervades natural, simple homes. The style is reflected in an open, relaxed way of life. The kitchen, dining room and living room are connected. Thanks to the warm climate, the sea breeze can freely blow through open doors and windows. This room structure is an Arabic legacy, from the former inhabitants of the Mediterranean region.

Geometries are the cornerstone upon which this Mediterranean style is based, and colours are its focal point. Shades of beige, light brown, white and blue fill the rooms, creating the special connection between the home’s inner and outer spaces. This colour scheme, characterised by its brightness and contrast, provides additional light.

Floor trends involve brightly coloured mosaics, in blue or yellow, particularly mosaics made from glazed floor tiles, which add a modern touch to the Mediterranean style. However, if the aim is to achieve a more classic version of the style, smooth stone flooring could be used.

In general, home decoration calls for natural wood tones and using wooden furniture. Home trimmings, such as doors, window frames, etc., can also follow the line of this tone. All of this, together with white curtains and wide windows, will reflect the Mediterranean atmosphere in your own home.

Try out the Mediterranean style and create a unique space devoted to your roots!

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